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Planet iPhone is a leading iPhone focused website offering great help to the visitors for their Apple related information queries, and questions. We encourage talented tech writers to write for us and send their quality articles for us to publish on our platform.

If you are passionate about iPhones and Apple Products with brilliant English writing skills, this is the place for you.

What kind of topics do we accept?

  1. Everything related to
  2. News articles related to iPhone and Apple
  3. iOS updates and iOS user interface
  4. News, rumours and leaks about new iPhones
  5. News, rumours and leaks about iOS updates
  6. News and rumours about new iPhone related Apple products
  7. How to enhance iPhone usability
  8. Getting the best out of iPhone
  9. Comparison between iPhone models
  10. Other content complimenting the iPhone product

What kind of content we admire?

  1. The content must offer value to the reader
  2. Content should focus on the unique features and new upgrades
  3. Content that you submit must be unique
  4. We strictly follow a no plagiarism policy; your article will be checked via various plagiarism checking tools
  5. The word count should be between 800 to 1000 words ideally
  6. The tone of the content must be simple, interactive and to the point.
  7. We highly appreciate an error free content. Please make sure that there are no grammatical errors.
  8. Make your article attractive by adding pictures and graphics

Copyright Policy

  1. When you are submitting your article, you are providing us copyrights of the content
  2. You can not publish the article to any other website or forum
  3. We hold the rights and can promote the publication on social media.

Links and promotion

  1. Add relevant links to the content
  2. You can add one backlink, but it must not feel like an advertisement
  3. Any irrelevant links can result in rejection
  4. Links must be properly anchored in to the text
  5. Add links that add value to the content

Why write for Us

  1. Planet iPhone is a trustworthy website attracting a lot of traffic
  2. Your article will be promoted on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  3. You can add backlink in the article

How to submit a guest post?

  • Connect with us via email and let us know what you wish to write
  • Share the topics with our team and we will let you know what is suited best
  • Submit your blog post via email and we will review your content for authenticity and quality
  • After quality assurance and originality check, our editorial team will publish the post on our website and send you the link of the post

Which posts will we reject?

  • Any article lacking quality content
  • Vague vocabulary and spelling errors will result in rejection
  • Not using proper images to enhance the aesthetics of the content
  • Use of proper images is mandatory for the content to get acceptance
  • You can find copyright-free images from Unsplash or Pexels etc.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated
  • Failing to comply with the publication guidelines

We highly rate and appreciate a well written article, a quality article with reliable information will be

For any further queries or questions, contact us [email protected]