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Welcome to Planet iPhones, your most reliable provider for all that you need to know about iPhones. Although a mass population of educated ones is still unaware of vitality and importance of learning before using any product, but not us, at Planet iPhones, we target iPhones and focus mainly upon everything you need to know about your iPhone, even if you are either Apple user or are thinking of buying an iPhone as your next smartphone.

We always have our uttermost intention to tackle everyone’s basic needs by handholding people who don’t know much about Apple’s gadgets, its Operating system, or if they are thinking of updating their selves by making a purchase of latest Apple’s device, that just got released in the market. We’re dedicated to giving you the comprehensive knowledge you need to know about your iPhone, irrespective of the generation of technology it belongs to, doesn’t matter either it is about 1st generation iPhones or the latest iPhone 11 series, we would provide you factual yet authentic cognizance that you demand, with a focus on comparative tech-analysis articles along with an extensive description of the products that can change your perspective towards the Brand.

No doubt, we are new on an online platform, but that gives us a plus-point. It is a freshly developed and regularly updated website containing all the important blogs or articles you would need if you are an iPhone lover. Planet iPhone has sorted out every type of information you want, covering most of user’s ‘major wants’ ranging from a comparative study between latest iOS versions to specs introductory articles about currently evolved models, from its history to how it revolutionized and many other important yet common topics, that everyone loves to read about. It surely is worth a read.

Moreover, we have come a long way from its beginning when it was just our dream to contribute to the tech-department by playing our role as a source of guidance. After analyzing FAQs that the majority is curious to know about, we set up this blog spot, Planet iPhones, targeting the same topics that will solve their queries and make things clearer for them.  This wasn’t an easy task at the start, but defining our motives and our firm belief on the tendency to act impulsively stands the main driving force that leads us all this way.

Started from nothing, just with the passion and devotedness to advancement in the rapidly growing fields of technological modernization, drove us to upgrade this passion into a blog website.

We put stock in backing up information and have its frameworks tested completely with insignificant mistakes, and we feel additional security ends up being the cherry on the top utilizing quality confirmation. Our area of expertise and dealing is more of a technical than commercial. We provide you with prices for the survey, not for any mercantile aid. This contrasts us from different players since we have adequate faith not merely in professionalisms but on top of that, perfectionism.

We hope you make the most of our services because we relish offering them to you. On the off chance that you have any inquiries or remarks related to the services or anything that you think would help us in improving it, you are free to propose any suggestion by getting in touch with us at [email protected].