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What is the Difference Between a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro?

by Alvin Nicolas / July 21, 2022 / MacBook

The MacBook Air was the prototypical ultraportable laptop in its early days. Now, many Windows […]

What’s the Life Expectancy of a MacBook Pro?

by Alvin Nicolas / June 8, 2022 / MacBook

The answer to this question varies from one MacBook Pro to another, but it is […]

How do I Buy a Mac Book Pro Retina in UK with Student Discount?

by Alvin Nicolas / May 18, 2022 / MacBook

To qualify for a student discount, you have to be a post-secondary student or a […]

AirPods connect to my Mac

The MacBook is Comfortable For Report Writing?

by Alvin Nicolas / May 16, 2022 / MacBook

Is the MacBook’s keyboard high enough to allow you to type comfortably in your chair? […]

Top Apple mac writing software’s

by Alvin Nicolas / July 26, 2021 / MacBook

Now is the era when every person is indulging in writing, whether as a professional […]

step by step exclusive guide to change a Google default account

A Step by Step Guide to Change Default Google Account

by Alvin Nicolas / March 26, 2021 / MacBook

Apple Silicon’s M1 processor

How powerful is Apple Silicon’s M1 processor?

by Alvin Nicolas / March 15, 2021 / MacBook

New M1 Silicon Chip’s Strengths and Weaknesses

by Alvin Nicolas / February 24, 2021 / MacBook