Does the Microsoft 365 App work on Apple Macs?

Microsoft 365

Using the Microsoft 365 app on an Apple Mac is easy, but you should know a few things about the software before downloading and installing it. You must have a license code to use the application. You can find this code on the software packaging. To download the software, visit the Microsoft website and follow the instructions to get it.


If you use Microsoft 365 on a Mac, you’ll notice that the application has a few differences from Windows. However, most of the regular features are available on the same tabs. You can still use the app even if you don’t use a Mac.

  • Microsoft’s updated versions of its Office apps run faster on new Macs, MacBook Pros, and Mac minis. They’re also “universal” apps, which means they work on all Macs, regardless of the processor. In addition to being faster on newer Macs, the updated versions of Microsoft Office apps are designed to look great with the latest macOS.
  • New updates will soon be coming to the Office 365 apps. You can turn on automatic updates in the Mac App Store to get updates as soon as they’re released. Another update will come with a new Office Start experience. This will feature a unique, fluid UI design system.

Support for iCloud accounts:

The latest version of the Microsoft 365 app for Mac has several new features. For example, the app supports iCloud accounts, and the new M1 chip helps it run faster. It has also been redesigned to work with macOS Big Sur. In addition, you can now add iCloud accounts to Outlook for Mac.

  • The latest version of the Microsoft 365 app for Mac is available in the Apple Mac App Store for $8.25 per month, and it includes web, mobile, and desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. It also comes with OneDrive storage, but the email and calendaring features aren’t included.
  • The Outlook for Mac app also comes with Microsoft’s new “Tell Me” search box. This feature helps you find your Mac’s emails, calendar events, and files. It also supports iCloud accounts so you can keep work and personal information in the same place. Besides email, the app also offers calendar and contact support.

Access to Microsoft Teams:

You first need to grant permissions to certain applications and devices to gain access to Microsoft Teams on Apple Macs. You can do this by visiting System Preferences > Accessibility. You can check the boxes corresponding to Camera, Microphone, and Screen Recording in this window.

  • Teams are available for Macs and iOS devices. The app offers chats, meetings, files, tasks, and calendars. It allows you to connect with colleagues, friends, and family. It also enables document collaboration and built-in cloud storage. You can also hold audio or video meetings.
  • Before you can download and use Microsoft Teams on your Mac, you need macOS Big Sur (11.2.1). Moreover, you must have a Microsoft Teams account. Usually, your IT department provides the performance for you. You must have administrator rights for the report to access Microsoft Teams. Once you have these permissions, you can download the beta version of Teams.

Three different themes:

The application comes with three different themes. You can choose which piece you want. You can also choose to have the application auto-start when you log in, which is disabled by default. In addition, you can also turn off animations, which affect window transitions, scrolling, and menu pull-downs. However, you should note that this feature does not disable GIFs.


The cost of the Microsoft 365 app on Apple Macs varies, and you must decide whether you want to pay a monthly or annual fee for the software. A monthly subscription plan costs $8.25 per user and comes with web and desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. It also includes OneDrive storage. Users can also use the apps on up to five devices.

  • Microsoft’s subscription costs vary based on how many users you have. It’s possible to purchase a perpetual license for a single year, but be aware that it will be more expensive after the first year. In addition, Microsoft is not likely to continue supporting Office 2021, so it might be best to consider a monthly subscription.

Microsoft has released new versions of its core Office apps for Apple Macs. These versions have been optimized for macOS Big Sur and are faster than the old versions. The programs are also compatible with the new MacBook Pro. You can now use Outlook for Mac to add your iCloud account.

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