Which has more tracks, Apple Music or Spotify?

Apple Music or Spotify

When it comes to choosing between Apple Music and Spotify, there are many options. Both services are popular but differ significantly in terms of the number of tracks available. You can learn more about these options from Alan Martin, a freelance writer at the forefront of the streaming music industry. Alan is an expert on the services, knowing how each fits into people’s lives.


Spotify has a lot to offer, from podcasts to 82 million tracks. Both services have paid subscriptions, but the free version is available on mobile devices. Users can sign up with Facebook, email id, or phone number. The service is available in 76 countries. It features both contemporary and new artists.

Spotify also allows you to make and follow playlists. This is great if you like to listen to something specific. The service also offers curated playlists from experts. It also has a “Collaborative Playlist” feature that lets you share playlists with friends and edit them together. Spotify enables you to search for a song and preview it before adding it to a playlist.

In addition, Spotify’s web player lets you stream music from any computer, and it’s a great feature for people who don’t want to download the app. Users can also view lyrics on Spotify, which is a great feature. But, the web player isn’t quite as convenient as Apple Music’s app.

Apple Music:

Apple Music is a streaming music service that has over 60 million songs. It has exclusive deals with many artists and is paid only. After a three-month free trial, users must upgrade to a paid subscription to access all the features. Apple Music also offers many on-demand radio shows.

Spotify has a much smaller selection of tracks than Apple Music. Spotify only has 82 million ways, whereas Apple has 90 million. But you can listen to podcasts and music from other services. This is important because you can find and listen to new tracks regularly. Spotify also doesn’t allow you to upload tracks to the service, whereas Apple Music does. This makes it the preferred streaming service for many consumers.

Another important difference between Apple Music and Spotify is how they approach discovery. Apple Music offers expert-driven recommendations and offline playback. However, it doesn’t integrate discovery as well as Spotify. Spotify offers playlists with shuffle playback, while Apple Music offers collaborative and solo playlists. Additionally, Apple Music allows you to create and share playlists that friends and family can access.

iCloud Music Library:

If you’re looking for new music, try using Apple’s new music app. It has a new Now Playing tab with a gradient background and easy-to-read text. It also highlights album artwork. In addition, you can add albums to your library or save individual tracks. You’ll also find standard playback controls, such as next/previous songs, shuffle, repeat, and more. You can stream music from your computer to your television or Wi-Fi-enabled speakers.

Apple Music is slightly ahead of Spotify in the tracks department. It offers about 10 million more tracks. Spotify’s library is more than 35 million songs. On the other hand, Apple’s library has more than 90 million tracks.

Daily Mixes:

Apple Music and Spotify’s daily mixes are a great way to discover new music. Daily Mixes are great whether you’re looking for a mix relevant to your mood or new songs. The app even lets you control what you hear – you can like or dislike a song or artist, and it will be removed from future mixes. You can add your favourite songs to your collection by “hearting” them or “banning” them from future mixes.

Spotify’s Daily Mixes are based on the way you listen to music. The more eclectic your listening history, the more music you’ll hear on your daily mix. If you’re a big music fan, you’ll have more combinations than someone who listens to only one style of music. You can also use the search bar to find songs that appeal to your tastes.

Search by Lyrics:

Apple Music and Spotify have recently made it possible to search by song lyrics. Spotify introduced this feature in June, while Apple Music added it to its iOS 13 software last year. This new feature will make it easier for people to find songs they like while limiting their search to one piece at a time.

Apple Music has had this feature for years, but Spotify only gets the part out to the general public. The quality is available to paid and free trial users. You’ll get a list of similar albums or songs with the same lyrics when you search by song lyrics. It’s a handy feature, especially if you’re a fan of a certain artist but don’t know the song’s name.

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