List Down the iPhone 14 Pro Max Colors:


iPhone 14 Pro comes in a few new colours: space black, white, and deep purple. You can also get it in a Stainless steel chassis. The iPhone 14 Pro also offers IP68 water resistance and an Always-On display. The new colours are a great way to customize your new phone.

Five new colours:

If you’re looking for a new iPhone, you can choose from various colours, ranging from matte black to bright red. Apple has also launched the iPhone 14 Plus, which has the same range of colours as the iPhone 14. The phone’s shiny glass back has two camera lenses and a matte aluminium side. The colours have fancy names, such as Space Black and Deep Purple.

Apple hasn’t confirmed whether the iPhone 14 Pro will be available in more colours than the current one. But it has said it’ll be available in purple and blue, similar to the colours of recent models. And a recent leak indicates that You will add a new colour to the iPhone 14 lineup. The rumours also claim that the iPhone 14 Pro will be available in green, starlight, graphite, and silver.

Stainless steel chassis:

Apple is reportedly planning to use a titanium alloy chassis for the iPhone 14 series, and investors believe it will be available for sale as early as 2022. The material is stronger than steel and is less likely to bend and dent. This could pose manufacturing challenges for Apple, but it will further differentiate the iPhone 14 Pro from other flagship smartphones. Currently, most premium Android smartphones are made of aluminium.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max’s basic design is similar to the iPhone 13 and 12 Pro Max, with only a few changes. The main screen has a pill-shaped cutout and a new camera module at the back. It also doesn’t have a physical SIM tray. There is also a new colour option, Alpine Green.

IP68 water resistance:

IP68 water resistance means your smartphone can withstand up to 30 minutes of immersion in liquids. It is not completely impenetrable to water, but it is sufficient for many situations. iPhones with this protection level are suitable for use in pools and other bodies of water.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has a triple rear camera with a 48-megapixel main sensor and an upgraded front camera with autofocus. The phone is also equipped with the A16 Bionic chip and promises to deliver the longest battery life of any iPhone. It boasts a 29-hour battery life. Moreover, the iPhone 13 mini is the smallest iPhone in the Apple lineup. It has a sleek design, flat edges, and a textured matte glass back. It also features IP68 water and dust resistance.

Display backlighting:

Apple has introduced a whole new line of colours for its iPhone 14 Pro line. These colours include Space Black, Gold, and Silver. However, the company has also included a brand-new colour called Deep Purple. This colour is a dark ash violet that shifts colours depending on the light and angle. It has a mysterious and powerful vibe.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max features the same design as its predecessors, the iPhone 12 and 13 Pro Max. Its flat-edge glass sandwich design is similar to that of the iPhone 12 Pro, including its surgical-grade stainless steel and ceramic-shield protective glass. You’ll get the same great viewing experience with the iPhone 14 Pro Max in any colour you want.

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