Best Waterproof iPhone Cases


Waterproof vs. Water-resistant 

The summers and spending quality fun days clearly imply that you’ll be close to the water, maybe the pool, the seashore, the sprinkler. Don’t just put away your iPhone just trying to shield it from water damage. Starting from the first water-resistant iPhone i.e., iPhone 7, but first, it is compulsory to understand that there stands a contrast between water-resistant and waterproof. The iPhone 7 has an IP67 rating. All the later models have water resistivity, with the most recent ones supporting the IP68 standard. But if you have an older model, or need to chill out a bit in the water, here’s a list of cases that you may need.

Lifeproof nuud ($89.95) 

Instead of totally covering your iPhone 5s underneath another layer, Lifeproof slightly moves toward waterproofing by using advantage of the way that the glass touch screen as it itself can help keep out water. The case frames a waterproof seal around the edge of the touchscreen glass using gaskets. The outcome is a waterproof case that Life proof claims to be utterly submersible to 6.6 feet, for as long as 60 minutes, meaning it has an IP-68 standard. However, the case is thicker and more cumbersome, but isn’t it worth it? 

Incipio atlas id ultra-protective case ($89.99)

This case is entirely compatible with the iPhone 5s design; the Atlas ID bolsters the iPhone’s Touch ID sensor. It comes in four choices of colors and placing a safety glass layer over the touchscreen to cover, for using touch smoothly. The case ensures a 1-year guarantee against any type of water damage. The waterproof seal ought to provide you for up to 6.6 feet meters, for as long as 30 minutes. The case is 0.62-inch thick and weighs about 2.06 ounces; for that weight, you get support for the IP-68 and MIL-STD-810G guidelines for water, residue and stun protection. 

Otterbox preserver ($89.99) 

Currently accessible in Carbon, Primrose, Pistachio or Glacier, the Otterbox Preserver is intended for you to bring your iPhone with you into any condition, you won’t need to worry about water. This Otterbox case snaps together and cushions from the inside, and accompanies a cord so you can keep your smartphone around your if you are getting bored in the pool. It’s submersible up to 6.6 feet for as long as 30 minutes, and it also supports falls of up to 6.6 feet. 

Dry case iPhone 5 Waterproof Case ($39.99) 

The DryCase approaches modern-day and fit style to grasp an older method of school method for ensuring your phone: Placing it in a plastic shopper. Be that as it may, this is no standard plastic pack. Instead, it’s a watertight pocket that utilizes a vacuum seal and manual siphon to drain the ventilate of the pocket so you know iwaterproofight. It accompanies a neoprene act armband, yet there’s no thinking about what cover is more massive than the structure fit cases. Of course, it’s additionally affordable and has the advantage of being usable with many cell phones, including various handsets or committed media players. DryCase says it has tried the case to 100 feet of water, for as long as 60 minutes. 

Joy factory action pro ($59.95) 

Rejoice up the mood in light of taking your iPhone 5 with you in any condition. This case received an IP68 rating, so it’s waterproof for up to 7 feet for as long as 60 minutes. Furthermore, MIL-STD 810 makes it shock-proof too. The camera cut-out is nicely measured, with a scratchproof lens. The case supports mic and speaker, and screw-in coverings to defend the earphone and charging ports. 

Lifeproof Fre ($79.99) 

New in the market but marked as a speedy sale just because of its perfect design. However, it likewise has the property that it possesses a slim layered touchscreen, another distinctive feature of fre. This case remains at naturally 0.49-inch thick, with 0.96 ounces’ weight. Decent finishing touches incorporates distortion-free glass over the camera’s lens, leaving you with a variety of many colors, and complete access to the Touch ID sensor. 

Ballistic Hydra ($79.99) 

The Hydra is intended to work with both the iPhone 5 and 5S. It comes up short on the iPhone 5s particularity. It doesn’t have any military-grade certifications, but in any case, the organization says the case can withstand being able to stand water up to 7.5 feet, for as long as 30 minutes. The Hydra weighs precisely just 2.02 ounces with a thickness of about half an inch. Touchscreen stands a cover layer of polycarbonate plastic. It is important to keep in mind no company claims their case to be waterproof if you are using headphones while in water.

Keeping your iPhone dry with a waterproof case

iPhone’s camera is well-known for its best quality clicks, yet shouldn’t there be anything to help using it underwater Regardless of whether your scuba diving, doing outdoor camping, or only having to walk in the rain, water damage can be unpredictable yet may impact your phone’s health. Using such a case is necessary as a precautionary measure or if you want to protect your iPhone against sprinkles, and even bring it into the pool or trending underwater selfies. That could be fun.

Why is it recommended?

  • Completely Impervious to water Such Cases are intended to be designed to withstand water contact avoiding severe damage.
  • They not only provide protection but a new style to your iPhone. All aforementioned cases carry a sharp defensive design, which makes your gadget look more attractive. 
  • They offer resistance to dust.
  • Available in a wide variety so that you can choose one of your choice, color or design.
  • Keeps your iPhone resistant to any scratch as the real body isn’t exposed to the environment.
  • It might be somewhat costly than ordinary cases, but it is worth it. It can, actually, spare you a great deal of cash as it can resist damage. It’s better than buying a new phone.