How Can I Move My Spotify Playlist to Apple Music?

How Can I Move Spotify Playlist to Apple Music

How Can I Move My Spotify Playlist to Apple Music? If you are looking for ways to move your Spotify playlist to Apple Music, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a music fanatic or a beginner, there are several methods you can use to move your Spotify playlist to Apple Music. Here are a few of them:


Soundiiz can move your Spotify playlist onto your Apple Music account. Unlike other services, Soundiiz is a free app that allows you to move playlists from Spotify to Apple Music. Once the app has been installed, simply sign into your account with your Apple ID and click the Start Moving My Music button. The Spotify playlist will appear on your Apple Music account in a few minutes. You can easily manage the playlist by editing its title, deleting duplicate tracks, and setting the playlist’s privacy settings.

Once the application has been installed on your iPhone or iPad, it will ask you for your Apple ID to connect to Spotify. Once connected, the app will begin reading track metadata. After this, Soundiiz will scan your Apple Music account to find any errors. If you’re not happy with the results, you can always uninstall the app and start afresh with your Spotify account. The same procedure applies if you wish to move your playlists to YouTube Music.


To move your Spotify playlist to Apple Music, you must first sign in to your Apple account. After logging in, the program will load your Spotify playlists. Click the “All” button to select all playlists or select individual playlists. Once you’ve selected them, you can transfer them to Apple Music. This feature is only available for Premium users. However, the FreeYourMusic app can move Spotify playlists to other services.

If you’d prefer to transfer only certain albums from Spotify to Apple Music, you can try SongShift. This service supports iOS and Android devices. You can also transfer playlists from other platforms to your own music library. But note that you can’t transfer entire albums from Spotify to Apple Music, and this will be an inconvenient and time-consuming process. Nevertheless, using FreeYourMusic is worth it, since it offers many benefits. It allows you to share your music across multiple platforms, boost your audience, and develop your own profile page. The platform also allows you to save up to 10 hours of music.


If you want to move your Spotify playlist to Apple Music, you can use SongShift. You can use both the free version and the paid version, and the latter offers faster transfer speeds. However, if you want to shift your entire playlist in one go, SongShift may be too slow for you. If that’s the case, try another service like Soundiiz, which can provide you with an in-browser experience.

To use SongShift to move a Spotify playlist to your Apple Music account, you can download its free version from the App Store. Once you have the app installed, sign into your Apple Music account and Spotify account. Once you’ve done so, choose the Spotify playlist that you want to move. You can even select multiple playlists and transfer them in one go. To move the Spotify playlist to Apple Music, download the SongShift app and follow the steps mentioned in the guide.


If you want to add your Spotify playlist to Apple Music, here are the steps. First, you must log into your Spotify account and find the playlist you wish to move to. Once you have located it, copy the URL so that you can upload it to Apple Music. If you do not have the URL of your playlist, you may have to manually look for it. However, if you have your iTunes backup, you can move it to Apple Music with the help of TuneMyMusic.

While Apple Music does not offer a built-in feature for playlist transferring, many popular services can help you do it. One of these services will scan the metadata of tracks and match them to the music database of the streaming service. While there may be occasional errors, these are rare and you can manually fix them. If your playlist doesn’t have any tags, you can also use a third-party playlist transfer tool.

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