How is apple helping schools in the UK to improve education quality?

Every tech market’s first goal is to attract customers as much as they can. Mainly technology intrigues young people and mostly comes in the use of students. All the tech industry’s marketing strategy focuses on the students. Students play a key part in every device’s success.

Apple provides special packages for schools, teachers, and students. To live up to its name, Apple offers multiple incentives for educational institutes, including educators. Apple has launched K-12 Education to help the school and teachers by providing them with up-to-date devices and applications.

How is Apple helping schools with ConnectED?

Apple is helping and supporting our schools for a long time by offering them technological opportunities and advanced technologies that they need. As part of the ConnectED program, Apple has pledged $100 million in learning and teaching solutions to 114 underprivileged schools throughout the country since 2014.

A Mac and iPad have been provided to every teacher, and an Apple TV has been donated to every classroom. Every school can now take advantage of the transformative potential of technology thanks to a process that includes planning, professional development, and continuing support.

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What is Apple’s Professional Learning for schools?

Apple Professional Learning Specialists are professionally certified educators who show how Apple products may be best used for teaching and learning. They help, mentor and advance instructors with a focus on creativity to engage children in learning activities. They help them develop their technical abilities. Coaching services are provided physically and virtually.

APL services involve:

  • Management and planning assistance
  • Training programs for the achievement of learning objectives
  • Technology-based learning techniques for research
  • Training and mentorship
  • Technology and content resources for effective learning
  • Co-creating experiences in exploratory learning.
  • Classroom Modeling
  • Reflection and suggestion in collaboration.

What discounts are offered for students from the Apple Education Store?

Apple does not typically sell its products with discounts, but their generosity extends into the Back to School and Black Fridays. Apple provides additional incentives on Mac and iPads in addition to its normal Apple Education Store discount.

Back to school is currently available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, certain Asian nations, and the Middle East. This post will address your questions about Apple’s back to school and how to receive an Apple Education Store student discount.

As of 16 July, Apple officially launched its back-to-school offer in the UK. The event involves a free pair of AirPods with Macs and an iPad. Back to School in the United Kingdom started a bit later than normal in mid-July. Apple launched its UK sale at the start of July back in 2019 and 2020.

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Education prices are always offered throughout the year – but users can only take advantage of Apple’s freebies during the back-to-school period.  UK students and educators can still benefit from savings through Apple’s education price plan with offers up to 10% off. Here are the initial starting prices:

  • MacBook Pro – £1168.80
  • MacBook Air – £898.80
  • Mac Pro – £4,948.80
  • iPad 8th gen (2020) – £309.60
  • iPad Pro (M1) – £711.60
  • Mac mini – £628.80
  • MacBook Air – £898.80
  • iMac (M1) – £1124.40
  • iPad Air 4th gen (2020) – £535.20