How Much Does it Cost to Fix MacBook Pro Keyboard Issues?

When your MacBook Pro keyboard stops working due to dust or other problems, what do you do? If you’ve lost your data on the computer, or if the keys have fallen out, you have several options. If you bought the computer with AppleCare+ or a service plan, you can get a free keyboard replacement. But if you’ve lost your keyboard because of a malfunction or damage caused by your carelessness, you might want to consider getting AppleCare+.

MacBook Pro keyboards stop working due to dust:

If your MacBook Pro keyboard is not functioning properly, it may be due to dust. It may be preventing the keys from depressing fully or from registering your strokes. The good news is that there are several methods to clean the dust from your MacBook. One method is to spray compressed air onto the keyboard, holding the laptop at an angle of 75 degrees. This technique is most effective if the keyboard hasn’t yet been cleaned by Apple.

To fix this problem, first make sure that the dust has not built up too much on the keyboard. If there is a large crumb, it may keep the key from working. If it is small, try to wiggle it, but if it is large, you should use compressed air to remove the dust. Then, clean the keyboard with the help of a cloth or soft brush. If that is not effective, contact Apple to get it repaired.

MacBook Pro keyboard replacement options:

Apple’s repair program covers the cost of MacBook keyboard replacement, as long as the computer was purchased within four years of the time the keyboard was damaged. If you’re outside of the US or if you bought the laptop from an Apple reseller, you can take advantage of the program. However, you may have to pay extra for parts and wait an additional hour or so for them to arrive. So you may want to consider other options to get your keyboard fixed.

If you own an eligible model, Apple will replace a broken key free of charge, and in many cases, even the entire keyboard, for a flat fee. This program does not cover models with butterfly mechanism keyboards. To identify whether your model is eligible for this program, click on the Apple logo on your MacBook’s screen. Click the “Overview” tab to see which models are covered. You can then choose between two replacement options: a repair shop or a replacement.

MacBook Pro keyboard repair options:

There are two main MacBook Pro keyboard repair options. The first one is a free repair from Apple. However, the turnaround time for this service can take up to a week. You can find out if your machine qualifies by calling Apple directly. There are some other options, too. Here are some of the most common. These may not be the most convenient, but they’re a viable option if you’ve had a problem with your MacBook Pro’s keyboard for at least a year.

The first option involves restoring the system via Time Machine or recovery mode. This way, you can restore the Macbook to its previous configuration. The keyboard might be damaged because of a misconfigured setting. To restore the default settings, first delete or move the Property List (.plist) files. Restoring the system through Time Machine or recovery mode should solve the issue. If the issue persists, you should try the next repair option.


If you are wondering how much AppleCare+ costs to repair MacBook Pro keyboard issues, you’re not alone. The cost to replace the keyboard is a large part of the laptop’s cost. Even Apple offers a service program, and it covers keyboard replacement costs up to $500, but most repairs only require a few hours of labor. Even then, you’re looking at a cost of $600-$1,300.

Luckily, Apple is a company renowned for its legendary customer service. They will do whatever it takes to get you working again. That includes replacing weathered keyboard keys, which you probably won’t need very often. Fortunately, replacement keys cost next to nothing, and they’re trivial to replace. If you have the time, consider getting AppleCare+ for your MacBook Pro. It can pay off in the long run, because it can save you a bundle on repairs.

Non-Apple avenues of repair:

There are no non-Apple avenues of repair for MacBook PRO keyboard problems, and if you have one, the best option is to take it to Apple. This is because most third-party repair shops do not have the parts needed to fix this particular problem, and Apple has generally been hostile to third-party repairs. Earlier this year, Apple sued an independent iPhone repair shop in Norway for trademark infringement. That lawsuit was ultimately unsuccessful, so if you’ve had this issue, consider seeking third-party repair.

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