MacBook Vs Windows – Which Laptop Should You Buy?

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, you’ll find yourself faced with a decision between the two most popular operating systems: Windows and macOS. Both have their pros and cons. The MacBook’s trackpad is ten times better than Windows’, while Windows’ trackpad doesn’t work nearly as well. Windows machines are cheaper, but Windows does come with a wide variety of free software, such as Pixel major and Final Cut Pro.

MacBook trackpad is 10x better than Windows:

The trackpad on a MacBook is more responsive than other laptop trackpads, making scrolling a breeze. There are two main types of interactivity on the trackpad, tap and force click. Tapping selects items while force clicking makes sure you press firmly and hear a “click.” Each type has a slider that lets you adjust the force. The default setting for the tap to click is “slide to select.”

macOS is faster:

Compared to Windows computers, Macs are faster, but only when compared to PCs with the same operating system. Macs have better hardware so that the OS can take advantage of it. And Macs have a better price, too, compared to PCs. The MacBook Air is one of the faster laptops, with its insanely fast CPU. While the difference in speed is small, it does add up quickly compared to the competition.

Upgrade the storage on the device:

One of the ways to speed up a Mac is to upgrade the storage on the device. Large files can slow a Mac down, so changing the storage can boost the performance. To improve performance, you can delete unused program keys and optimize the hard drive to better work with the hardware of your Mac. You can also remove cache files, which are temporary files created by web browsers. These files take up space and slow down your Mac, so removing them as soon as possible is recommended.

Windows is cheaper:

While you might think Windows is cheaper than MacBook, it isn’t necessarily true. While you can buy a Windows PC for less upfront, the true cost of ownership is determined by the difference between the acquisition cost and residual value. A Mac is usually cheaper than a Windows PC in three years. That’s because Windows PCs require much more IT maintenance than a Mac. You can seamlessly integrate a Mac into a network.

Another advantage of a Windows PC over a MacBook is the price. Apple products are relatively high-end, but PCs are significantly cheaper. Moreover, Windows is easier to upgrade. You can buy a cheap Windows laptop for work or home use, as long as you have an adequate budget. The downside to cheap Windows laptops is that they are slow. But you’ll likely be happier with their performance. If you plan on using your computer for work, Windows is likely to be a better choice.

Apple’s MacBooks are more expensive:

If you want a laptop, you should choose an Apple product. Apple’s MacBooks are more expensive, but they still have some benefits. The operating system, macOS, is a popular one, and it gained a lot of praise before the release of the M1 processor. Users also praise how easy it is to use Apple products. Compared to cheap laptops, Macs are much more intuitive to use. Moreover, Apple upgrades its Macbooks and iPhones frequently, which makes them “newer” for longer. Then there is the security, which can hook a user.


Another advantage of Macs is their durability. Compared to their Windows counterparts, MacBooks keep their value better than PCs. With regular updates to the OS, users can experience the latest software offerings without worrying about spending too much money on a new computer. Some MacBook users even keep their machines for up to 10 years. These benefits justify the higher price of Apple’s laptops. It’s hard to say why Apple’s MacBooks are more expensive than PCs, but they’re worth the extra money.

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