The Future of Video Marketing:

The popularity of video continues to increase and marketers must find new ways to capture the attention of consumers online. According to recent research, more than seventy percent of consumers watch video content on their mobile devices. YouTube is the most popular video platform, with nearly nine out of ten marketers planning to use it. The popularity of video continues to increase as more people start using social media to share their experiences with products. It is easy to see why.

The future of video marketing is in the ability to deliver personalized, seamless, and relevant messages across various screens. According to Optinmonster, marketers who use video are able to generate 66% more qualified leads each year. It is also possible to achieve 54% higher brand awareness thanks to videos, while 93% of marketers report landing new customers as a result of a social media video. A primary factor for the improved quality of leads is the education video provides consumers. Through videos, consumers gain trust in brands and learn about their products.

Content is key, and video creators must know exactly what their call to action is. It can be a homepage URL, a “Click Here” button, a thumbnail of another video, social icons, etc. Call to action placement needs to be carefully thought-out. Consider your goals and your audience’s experience when determining where to place your call to action. Present it in the least disruptive way possible.

Videos have numerous benefits for companies, including the reduction of support calls and customer service inquiries. With personalized videos, consumers can relate to brands more easily. Holiday greetings and targeted ads can be highly effective as well. Videos that feature personalized messages are far more effective than conventional marketing methods. In fact, 43% of businesses that used video saw reduced support queries by using it. It is a proven and powerful marketing strategy that’s here to stay!

More organizations are using video content to increase brand awareness. With video content, organizations can demonstrate how differentiated they are from the competition and help customers identify a brand by its unique features. Christopher Harpur, a columnist and editor for The Sun, previously covered business, entrepreneurial, and celebrity stories. Before joining the news, he worked as a research analyst for major online news websites. The future of video marketing lies in innovation and technology.

In B2B marketing, video is a vital part of the marketing mix. It helps to boost brand value, search presence, and customer engagement objectives. The most successful marketers are now utilizing video to achieve their key marketing objectives. In fact, 86% of marketers agree that videos increase website traffic and generate quality leads. In addition, marketers are using video to reach new audiences and educate existing customers. With so many benefits, video marketing is here to stay.

While video is an increasingly popular content delivery method, marketers are always coming up with new ways to use it. Instagram Reels, TikTok, live streaming platforms, and influencer marketing are just some of the new trends in video marketing. Despite all these new trends, video content continues to drive consumer action. The future of video marketing lies in maximizing its potential for brand engagement. The future of video marketing is bright and the future of the industry.

Choosing a story is an important step. The challenge lies in determining the type of story to tell. A basic story-telling framework includes a protagonist with a goal, conflict, quest, and resolution. Ideally, the story should take viewers on a journey that aligns with the brand’s mission. So, how do you create a compelling story? Here are some tips to help you create a compelling narrative video.

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