What Are the Features of iPhone 12?

Before deciding whether you should upgrade to iPhone 12, here are some things to consider. This phone will have Haptic Touch for feedback, a High Dynamic Range display, Wireless charging, and a Ceramic Shield. Keep reading to learn about all of the new features! And don’t forget to check out our hands-on video! It’s a must-have device! We’ve rounded up some of our favourites.

Haptic Touch for feedback:

You’re not alone if you’ve been wondering how to enable Haptic Touch on the iPhone 12. Apple introduced this feature to iPhones last year but it didn’t work on the home button. However, Apple has now changed the Home button to a software button, less prone to wear and tear. Users can also change the strength of haptic feedback. If you’re not convinced, try turning off the iPhone to test it.

High Dynamic Range support:

Apple’s latest flagship iPhone has High Dynamic Range (HDR) support. While this technology has long been on the horizon, it’s still unclear which apps will use it and how they will work with the device. The iPhone X offers an HDR mode that lets you save HDR and normal photo versions. This mode is useful for reviewing photos, but it takes up additional storage space, and you’ll need to delete the latter. iPhone models without HDR support include the iPhone SE and the iPhone 11 – no surprise, considering the price difference.

Wireless charging:

The iPhone 12 has wireless charging capabilities, which may be a secret, despite Apple’s efforts to do so last year. The new FCC filings reveal that the iPhone 12 will support wireless charging via a built-in inductive receiver and transmitter. This could mean your iPhone can charge wireless devices from its battery. However, it is unclear whether Apple will include reverse wireless charging in future models. However, it is possible to use the built-in wireless charging capabilities of the iPhone 12 in conjunction with a MagSafe power bank.

Fortunately, wireless charging isn’t the only feature the iPhone 12 offers. Wireless charging is one of the best ways to keep your phone charged, and Apple has made it easier than ever. With the new MagSafe snap-on attachment, you can use it to charge your iPhone from a MagSafe charger easily. And with the iPhone 12’s new wireless charging features, you can trust the phone even faster.

Ceramic Shield:

The iPhone 12’s ceramic shield on its front is designed to be harder than traditional glass. According to Apple, this is the highest-grade glass in smartphone history. Its durability may also depend on the way it is designed. While it lies flush with the metal frame, previous models left more exposed glass. While Apple claims that the new design will make it twice as durable as the iPhone 11, it remains to be seen if it does live up to expectations.

iPhone 12 video:

In an iPhone 12 video, the company claimed that the new technology would protect the phone from scratches. This is certainly true, as a YouTube video showed. While that scratched the phone’s back, the device was not broken. That also tested it for a drop to seven feet and a few meters. The iPhone 12 also passed these tests without damage, which is a testament to its hardness.

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