What are the new features of the iPhone watch, and why do students like it?

The Apple Watch Series 3 boasts many exciting new features. This version offers Native sleep tracking, Modular Duo watch faces, an 18-hour battery life, and a QWERTY keyboard. Despite its many advantages, the Watch still has a few shortcomings. For example, Series 3 cannot take an electrocardiogram. The battery life is also slightly shorter, but the Watch is still better than most Android watches.

Modular Duo and Contour watch faces:

The iPhone has introduced two new watch faces – the Contour and Modular Duo – which are highly customizable. The Contour watch face has an attractive design that falls off the edges of the screen, while the Modular Duo face features two full-width complications. You can choose whether to use a flat or rounded font, which looks great against the curved design. Both watch faces are compatible with a black background or a coloured one.

Native sleep tracking:

Apple is getting ready to launch its new Apple Watch with native sleep tracking in watchOS 7, so users can set their schedule and sleep analysis. Apple is also tying in sleep tracking with other features on the iPhone, including a new Sleep app on the Apple Watch. Users can customize their sleep routine and set different schedules for different weekdays. For users who need more detailed sleep data, they can consult with a medical professional to determine what their specific needs are.

The Apple Watch has a wake-up screen where you can see various data, including your sleep duration. You’ll be able to see your latest data and the consistency of your sleep over the last 14 days. You can view more detailed data on your sleep in the Health apps, such as the average time you spend sleeping over the past seven days and your heart rate while you’re asleep.

18-hour battery life:

The Apple Watch is a smartwatch that offers an impressive 18-hour battery life. In theory, you can use it for up to 45 minutes of app usage, or about 12 hours if you use the Apple Watch only for notifications. The students buy the apple watch because the battery life is 18 hours, and they also help them win the essay writing competition.

Apple claims the battery life of the iPhone watch is up to eighteen hours, which is comparable to the Apple Watch 5. The battery life of the iPhone watch is rated based on a standard set of tracking activities and notifications. Typical use of an Apple Watch includes 90-time checks, 45 minutes of app use, and a 30-minute workout. Most users will easily surpass that number, though.

QWERTY keyboard:

Following simple instructions, you can get a QWERTY keyboard on your Apple Watch. To begin, you must update your iPhone to the latest software. Select the Watch’s settings to enable the keyboard and tap “Keyboard”. You will then see the QWERTY layout. You can also set the keyboard as the primary language on your Apple Watch. If you want to use a different language on your Apple Watch, you can install a third-party app that provides a keyboard for your Watch.