What makes the iPhone So Great?

There are several reasons to buy an iPhone. You can use it to make calls, remember recent calls and return missed calls. Its dictation feature allows you to dictate emails and text messages and can even answer questions for you. This device has a GPS system and can run a good GPS app. It also has a built-in compass for free! So what makes the iPhone great? Let’s look at some of them!


FaceTime on iPhone is an amazing app, but how do you make it work? FaceTime is a cross-platform video chat that uses end-to-end encryption and a peer-to-peer connection. Apple is notorious for locking its software down, and this new release of the app is a welcome shift. While it makes Android fans feel less left out, the feature still falls short of being a universal standard. You’ll still have to deal with that green bubble of shame when you text an iPhone friend.

In order to start a FaceTime call, you need to have an Apple device that supports Wi-Fi or mobile data. FaceTime allows you to make video and voice calls, and it’s compatible with iOS 15. The best way to get started is to tap the “Start” button, then tap “Add People.” From there, you’ll need to enter the name of the contact and phone number. Once they’ve accepted the invitation, FaceTime will begin.

Simple user interface:

The iPhone user interface is based on the home screen. In the past, applications ran one at a time and were always accessed by double-clicking the home button. Now, apps run in the background when not in use. The hardware button below the screen gives users access to the home screen. A double-click closes the open application. In the past, iPhone users had to choose recently opened apps one at a time, but iOS 7 allows users to multitask.

The user interface on the iPhone is minimalist, with a large screen. It also lacks physical controls, such as a keyboard and stylus. But it was Steve Jobs’ intention to create a simple UI that he could use quickly and easily. So he carefully reviewed each screen and rejected any interaction that took more than three clicks. This was an important step in making the iPhone easy to use. Even today, iPhone users find it difficult to navigate without a user’s help.

Better customer support:

When it comes to customer service, Apple offers the best. When you have a problem with your iPhone or iPad, you will never understand how much better it is than that of other companies. The Apple Support contact page lists common issues that people may have, and if you need further assistance, you can click on one of those problems. You may also find troubleshooting tips on the page titled How would you like to receive help?

Cheaper than Android:

While the price of an iPhone is higher than an Android device, used iPhones often cost less. An older iPhone will often retain 15 percent of its value when sold as a used phone. Older iPhones are also supported by Apple and will receive new software updates, such as iOS 13, unlike Android phones which may have reached the end of their support cycle. Moreover, older iPhones retain their value as used devices, which is important because smartphones lose their value over time.

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