Why is Apple iOS 13.4 causing serious iPhone problems?

So, what’s so bad about iOS 13.4? What are the fixes to these problems? You can learn more in this article. In the meantime, let’s look at some of the issues in iOS 13.3.1, 13.4.1, and 13.5.1. This update comes at a very bad time, as many iPhone owners have already experienced significant problems with it. And if you’re already running iOS 13.4, you might want to read this article as well, because it covers the fixes to some of the major bugs in iOS 13.4.

Issues in iOS 13.4:

After six beta releases, Apple released iOS 13.4 last week. While the new operating system is full of improvements, it has some serious problems as well. For one, there is a memory management bug, which causes apps to close unexpectedly when you switch programs. While the company has addressed this problem with an update, there are other issues that users have reported. One of the most annoying of these is a keyboard prediction bug which suggests “trump” regardless of what country you’re in.


FaceTime is another major problem with this new OS. It does not work with Skype, SnapChat, or Facebook Messenger. The problem occurs when the phone’s configuration is outside of the standard. Apple is promising a fix for this in a future upgrade, but users may have to settle for an interim solution. Fortunately, Apple has already backed up its operating system. However, it still has some serious problems that are causing users to have serious problems with their iPhone.

Fixes in iOS 13.3.1:

The iOS 13.3.1 update brings a slew of bug fixes and improvements, fixing a number of serious issues. For instance, it fixes an issue that allowed a remote FaceTime user to see your phone’s camera, a bug in which you could see people’s faces even when the phone was locked. The update also resolves many problems with the Mail app, including the ability to load remote images in emails.

Fixes in iOS 13.4.1:

The latest update to iOS has a number of issues and bugs, so you’ve probably noticed some of them. Before you download this update, make sure your device has plenty of free space before updating. As always, backup your data to ensure the safety of your phone. This update is 90MB in size, so make sure you have enough room on your iPhone to accommodate the new update. While it doesn’t fix everything, the new version fixes a number of problems, so you should definitely download and install it.

Update of I phones:

The update also fixes a bug that prevented FaceTime from working properly on some devices. This was the case with iOS 13.4.1. It’s possible that this could be the last update for the iOS 13 line. Apple is already beta-testing iOS 13.4.5, so it’s possible that it’ll be the last iOS 13 update. While it fixes many problems, there aren’t any major new features in this release. Instead, it addresses a variety of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Fixes in iOS 13.5.1:

There are few major new features in iOS 13.5.1, and the update mainly consists of bug fixes. However, this update addresses a serious security vulnerability that could give hackers complete control of your iPhone. Other than this, iOS 13.5.1 also fixes a number of other issues, including the keyboard prediction error and Bluetooth connectivity issues. Users should check their devices for any of these issues and report them to Apple Support for a fix.

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